The Play List

Here is where we try to impress you with all the places we've played and try to convince you of how cool we think we are. As far as the tunes listed below here, we sometimes do them, sometimes not and some of them aren't even very good copies and really stink but we put them on the list so the Club Booking People will look at it and think that people will really like us and swarm to their bar to buy lots of beer so they can make it through just one more week.

Actually, we do like these tunes and do toss them in our sets, depending on how long they let us play before they throw the circuit breakers... we much prefer to do our own tunes, though.

Venues Played to Date

The Switch
The Ritz
Player's PeachTree
The Caboose (one of our favorites)
Snookers' (now called Alive...)
The Berkeley Cafe
The Scorpio Festival
Festifall (Chapel Hill)
C.A.F.E. - The Cloud and Fire Express (Raleigh)
A number of private gigs... (haven't done a bar-mitzvah yet, though. Hmm.)

A Few Cover Tunes

Tears of a Clown - Smokey R. (synaxisized, of course - great tune!)
Pride (in the Name of Love) - U2
Even Flow - PJ
Runaway - Del Shannon (in progress)

Then, of course, we have our own tunes... some of which are:

We're continually working on new stuff, when others don't have their hands out for our time. One thing we never seem to have enough of... Once we figure out how to get reasonable quality audio here without requiring a day to download it, we'll give you some samples. Until then, we can mail you a tape (see the Good Stuff).