The Good Stuff

We do have one old tape out. So a discography sounds kind of pretentious; I think you'll agree. It's called Scarlet Thread and was produced by John Falzone here in Raleigh at his personal studio. He did an absolutely awesome job with it and it sounds most excellent, but for us the material's dated. You can get one directly from us by e-mailing us, or better yet, send a check for $7.50 to:

When he gets his new studio completed this fall, we may go in to do some more tracks and try and get a 10-tune CD together. Funds permitting. We've also got a mono demo tape we use to send to clubs and other interested parties. We did it in our rehearsal barn ourselves. We call it The Demo Tape. We were really impressed with ourselves after doing it, but when we sent a copy to WRDU for their Homegrown show (before RDU went south, so to speak), they said they really liked the tunes, but like the quality was not quite there, man. If someone wants a copy of this stuff too, we can do it for cost (like $3.00 or so).

We're working on T-shirts and bumper stickers and other paraphenalia, too. When we get a photo of a T done, we'll post it and see if anyone wants one. This stuff is mainly for sale at shows, but we can mail it out as well. If anyone has anything they'd like to see, drop us an e-mail line with your suggestions...

We've got some MPEG audio clips we're working on. We don't quite have them ready yet. Once we get sone samples of Scarlet Thread and The Demo Tape up, we can provide an MPEG audio player and some links to MPEG info for those who are interested.