Booking Info

Obviously there's no point spending thousands of dollars to keep musical equipment makers in business, and countless hours away from grumbling spouses just for grins. We want to play, and do it in front of real, live people. So this subject is near and dear to our hearts. We have a guy who's sort of quasi-managing us, so he can be contacted for bookings. In addition, any of the band members can be contacted. The numbers for those of us doing the bulk of the booking are:

You, the reader, may not be a club owner or anything, but if you have any contact info for us, or can pass some material on to someone, feel free to contact us!

We can send out a copy of the same fuzzy picture of the band and some propaganda along with the new mono pack house tape (The Demo Tape). I'm sure it'll really impress whoever's thinking about booking us. We've all got very boring day jobs, but we can travel regionally, so contact us if you want to try and book us somewhere in the Mid-Atlantic region.