The Official synaxis Band Photo

Title: On the Farm, circa 1996.

Here's another shot of us on the porch. Seated from left to right it's Mr. Bill (aka dr roc), bass-man Ken and standing it's Mr. Rythm, Doug on the left and of course the Star, Julie on the right. If anyone wants better pictures, feel free to come out to a show and take some...

We did a show at Chapel Hill, NC's AppleChill/FestiFall street fair thing. The show went OK despite some technical difficulties on the sound company's part... and the String Meister busting an E string. The second shot below is a great one of the back of Ed Rock's new 'do... excellent look, Ed... next time we'll get a full frontal shot of you!!!

Thanks to JoAnn for these shots in Chapel Hill! And grudging thanks to the Scan-Meister Drew for his photo scans. He does this even though he calls us the dumpster diving puke filth worm-eaten slug band he thinks we are. Thanks Drew!

As we get some more photos happening, we'll be posting them here from other shows, or rehearsals or whatever. It's kind of tough for us to take the pictures, so if someone in the audience doesn't do it, we don't get any. (Duh..)